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The Element of Process


In matters governed by the law, the Legal Element of Process plays an important role. The terms within the Process category describe both events and actions that follow some prescribed procedure. Process terms relate not only to procedures of the court, such as the term jury trial, but also include procedures in everyday life in which the law has some interest or influence. For instance, the term payment describes a legal process where something of value is given to satisfy an obligation.

About the Legal Elements

With legal terminology it�s important to understand both the what and the why.  That is, you need to know both what the term means and why it�s important in the eyes of the law.  Without understanding the why, you can miss the point even with a perfectly good definition in mind.  That�s why Clear-Point Law has created a proprietary system for indexing legal terminology. We call it The Legal Elements.

The legal elements provide non-lawyers with a context for legal terms. These elements represent the key concepts of legal thinking and provide the answer to the question, why is this important. It doesn�t matter if the issue is criminality or contracts. For a description of all 12 Legal Elements, see our Overview of the Legal Elements.

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