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express waiver

definition of express waiver:

the act of relinquishing, forgiving or abandoning some legal right in an intentional and deliberate manner. An express waiver is often used when a breach of contract by one party may be forgiven by another party in order to preserve the agreement itself. Compare EXPRESS WAIVER to IMPLIED WAIVER, an indirect surrender of some right.

express waiver, as it might be used:

The express waiver was given in writing.

express waiver, in an example:

During the course of a kitchen remodeling project, Fergus discovers that his builder has mistakenly installed a type of flooring other than the one explicitly described in the contract. After some consideration, Fergus comes to like the installed floor as well as the floor he had originally selected. To avoid any later claims for breach of contract, the builder asks Fergus to sign an express waiver.
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