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absolute liability

definition of absolute liability:

the defendant's absolute responsibility for harm caused by an activity or product that is classified as being ultra-hazardous. The doctrine of strict liability is applied at the discretion of the court, assigning liability to the defendant regardless of any negligence on the part of the injured.

absolute liability, as it might be used:

She argued that the question of imposing the doctrine of strict liability is one for the court.

absolute liability, in an example:

Liam creates artwork from found materials. One day, scavenging through a salvage yard, he finds an interesting metallic object. Liam attaches it to a leather strap and wears it around his neck. In a short time, he begins to feel sick and develops red blotches on his chest. It turns out that the metallic object is radioactive and was once part of a research reactor at a local university. Liam sues the manufacturer of the reactor under the doctrine of absolute liability for the injuries he suffered.

absolute liability may also be referred to as:

  • strict liability
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