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This website,, (�THE WEBSITE�) refers to, but not limited to, all content published electronically through THE WEBSITE and any printed material that is either downloaded and subsequently printed, or printed from a web browser.

THE WEBSITE is produced by Legal Franca Publishing (�THE COMPANY�) in association with any number of law firms, service providers and other entities (�THE AFFILIATES�). THE AFFILIATES include but are not limited to any entity that authors content for THE WEBSITE or THE COMPANY. THE AFFILIATES also include but are not limited to any entity that is either listed on or that supports THE WEBSITE and/or THE COMPANY. By accessing and browsing THE WEBSITE you accept, without qualification or limitation, all of the following terms of use (�TERMS OF USE�). If you do not agree with all of the following Terms of Use you should immediately discontinue your use of this Website.

By using THE WEBSITE, you acknowledge that we do not provide legal advice. You acknowledge that any and all content on the WEBSITE comes with no guarantee of accuracy. You further acknowledge use of THE WEBSITE does not establish an attorney-client relationship with THE COMPANY and/or THE AFFILIATES.

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THE WEBSITE provides its users with information resources on the law and the legal process. WE DO NOT OFFER LEGAL ADVICE. Content is published for educational purposes without guarantee of accuracy. All examples are presented as a means of demonstration and clarification. These examples are in no way intended as legal guidance and should not be taken as such, under any circumstances. If you have a pending legal matter for which you need help, we recommend that you contact a licensed, qualified attorney.


The content of THE WEBSITE (�THE CONTENT�) includes, but is not limited to, the text, graphics, data, design, organization, compilation, concept, and all other matters relating to this Website, including without limitation, the �look and feel� of the Website. THE CONTENT is intended for your personal use and is protected by copyright according to United States laws and international treaties.


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