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A Different Approach to Legalese

The language of the law, Legalese, has been developed over centuries. It borrows from many different languages, such as Latin, French and English, and tends to bewilder the average Jack or Jane.  Even seemingly familiar words tend to act like complete strangers in legalese.  The Clear-Point Law Dictionary was created to do one thing: make legal terminology clear for everyone.  Our dictionary provides clear definitions that will allow you to understand this often confusing and complicated dialect. Here�s how we do it.

First, we define terms in plain language and classify them using our unique system of Legal Elements that give context to meaning. ( For a description of all the Legal Elements we use, read this overview.)

Second, most term definitions include a usage sample, drawn from the real world. Many definitions also include an illustrative example to provide additional dimension.

Getting Started

You can access the law dictionary in one of two ways. Either click the link in the right column of this page that reads Browse Dictionary Index , or use the Search Dictionary tool, also in the right column. Just type in your term and click the search button.

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